The Humboldt Firkin...
Lead Trumpeter Eddie
 “BBQ Chicken Leg Dog Boy”
Samples some RAT BASTARD
The World Famous Firkin Tappers pose at the 10th annual Boonville Beer Festival May 6, 2006
Tappers pose behind the Wall ‘O Kegs that guard the entrance to the Brewer’s campground.
The band poses in it’s traditional
... in reference to members of the band who were unable to attend for various reasons
just before the gates open and the
thirsty hordes attack the open taps...
The lovely ladies of the band dance as the Tappers perform.
Sousaphone specialist first class Ned “D-DAY”
samples a tasty craft brew in the relative calm
before the gates open.
Did I mention we got in before the festival opened?
Did I mention it was all-you-could-drink?
The band enjoyed it’s “Unofficial Brewer” status throughout the day... and the night.
 Described by bandmembers as the
“Best Gig we’ve ever been invited to!”
The Firkin Tappers spread their love and mostly in-tune cheer for the beer lovers in Boonville.